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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

State Violates Federal Pre-emption by Limiting Post Eligibility Treatment of Income for Pre-Eligibility Medical Expenses (PEME) for Three Months

This relates to amounts that may be due to a nursing home if an individual is dilatory in applying for Medicaid.

Clearly, as indicated by the HCFA-PM-85-3 statement, this has been the federal law since 1985. However, Med. Com. No. 10-07 indicates its applicability to state law effective January 1, 2010. Previously, state law had been less restrictive and it allowed PEME to be paid back without the three month limitation. Therefore, since the state's position was less restrictive than the federal law, there was no violation of federal pre-emption.

The state, by limiting eligibility to pay such cost for three months retroactively, violates federal pre-emption in that the state was less restrictive in allowing payments in full. Therefore, its change in position in denying PEME to all applicants even before the date of Med. Com. No. 10-07 violates federal pre-emption, and is incorrect.

Disclaimer: This article does not constitute legal advice and each person may have unique facts for which legal consultation may be necessary.
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